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Axis is one of India’s most innovative media houses with a robust presence in mass media advertising and marketing solutions, including printing technology, sampling research and media delivery. With pursuit of excellence as a part of our value system, we are dissolving the geographical boundaries in India with a reach that spans 160 million households and media expertise of over 15 years... read more
  Personalised Media                                    
Axis is the pioneer of unique personalised mass media that reaches over 16 crore (160 M) households in India.
Mass Product Sampling                                   
Axis is the pioneer of mass product sampling with confirmed reach across India.
Cinema on Wheels                                   
Axis is the pioneer of personalised 'Cinema on Wheels' concept for rural India.
First ever Seat by Seat Election Survey
Axis conducted the first ever Seat–by-Seat Election Survey.
RBI Approved Security Printing
We have one of India’s most integrated and advanced printing facility that is RBI approved.
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India’s top brands and 30 out of 50 Ministries of Government of India
Interesting facts about the real India
India is the world’s largest democracy with a population of 1.21 billion and growing. With 70 crore (700 M) Indians living in rural areas, the opportunity to tap the Bottom of the Pyramid is immense.
  • India has a population of over 1.21 billion
  • 50% Indians are below the age of 25 years
  • There are 5161 cities and 6 lakh villages in India
  • India has the world’s largest number of post offices
  • Indian Railway is one of the world’s largest train networks
  • There are 1,652 dialects and languages in India
  • The nation is home to the world’s largest movie industry
*Source: Wikipedia
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